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Here’s a sublimely mysterious and otherworldly guitar ‘n’ synth album that rocks from another time, another place from start to finish.
And the best part?  All the tracks but one are over 6 minutes – nice long psychedelectraglide sounds!

I may have first heard cuts from this spellbinding album on Pat Murphy’s Alien Air program on KXLU back in the mid -‘80s. Double Fantasy were two German musicians; led by Robert Schroeder (Dreamstar), keyboards compositions and Charley McLion, guitar.

This is exceptional music that flows from soulful spacey liquid guitar to blissed-out ambient-techno-rock.
“Heartbreaker” the stand-out track sounds like the soundtrack to some hip sci-fi spaghetti western of the future.
The ominous beginning to “Universal Ave.” evolves into a wailing guitar landscape that relents to a semi steady funk groove which then relents back to the wailing echoing guitar and then grooves out.
“Endless Running” takes you on a dreamy guitar-led journey that is propelled by a great rhythm engine – the guitar turns, bends and seductively levitates you along through another cool landscape.
“Food For Fantasy” is Blade Runner supreme, taken to a level of sophisticated funk-space with a righteous underlying hook..
“Lost Control” the only song with lyrics, as it were, and while a nice tune, it is the only one that does not really “fit” on this LP.
“Children of the Universe” ends the album with a spacey piece of soundtrack psychedelia – a really solid liquid.

An impressive part of these compositions is the feeling of power beneath the subdued presentation – hip Alien music for Hip Aliens.

Side One:
1             Heartbreaker                           7:59
2             Universal Avenue                     6:01
3             Endless Running                       8:13
Side Two:
4             Food For Fantasy                     7:56
5             Lost Control                              8:19
6             Children Of The Universe      4:26

Many times when the stars are aligned we get a spark of genius, wit, creativity or an epiphany and something good comes from it.  “Universal Ave.” has that spark and is another album that has an addicting melancholy that gets into your system and becomes a part of you.

I’m a sucker for guitar ‘n’ synth and this is album is an absolute perfect example.


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