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PHAEDRA – TANGERINE DREAM – February 20, 1974

Tangerine Dream have long been a symbiotic band with my soul; this is music and sounds I yearned for since birth.

I had all of their previous imports, but Phaedra really hit a musical nerve, it was so unique for the times and was rightfully promoted upon release as “music that melts”.
Phaedra was a landmark LP as it set a standard for electronic music that is still referenced today in movie soundtracks, TV commercials and with countless bands, musicians and artists who probably are not even aware of their inspiration’s origin.

Released the day before my magical 23rd birthday, it was also the premiere release on Richard Branson’s Virgin Label which was representative of the great LPs to come, like Mike Oldfield’s “Tubular Bells”.

Phaedra is in a class of it’s own, even within the Tangerine Dream canon, as it is a stand-alone historic composition of electronica – albeit based on improvisation.

Edgar Froese, like Chrisse Hynde, has led his band, Tangerine Dream, through the decades with many different line-ups of musicians, but always maintained the TD iconic stamp of recognition.  Original members Chris Franke and Peter Bauman, eventually went on to claim their own historic marks in music, but it was and is Froese’s vision that created an unmistakable sound that changed the way we hear music to this day. Movie and TV soundtracks for example, have “borrowed” TD’s sound to the point that it’s nearly impossible to listen to any movie and not hear TD’s monumental influence – really!

All of the extremely beautiful, mysterious and visceral music soundtracks TD have racked-up contribute immensely to those movie’s successes, and even lift mediocre movies to a better height than they may deserve because of it!

Tangerine Dream’s music is a transcendent source, a pathway, a channel to literally other realms of consciousness – music like no other.

A true icon and innovative force of music – TANGERINE DREAM!

1. Phaedra (17:35)
2. Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares (9:43)
3. Movements Of A Visionary (7:57)
4. Sequent C’ (2:20)



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