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Here’s a very unique album and sound from a very unique Italian band.
Sensations’ Fix  leader is Franco Falsini, a multi-instrumentalist, who, like Vangelis had a distinct “vibe” to his music that definitely falls within the Psychedelectraglide category.

Blending synthesizers, guitar and strategically-placed vocals, Sensations’ Fix carved-out a landscape of unearthly and moody songs that were very infectious.

During the ’70s (and on up into the ’80s and 90s) I was very much immersed in Euro bands and in synth/electro/ambient LPs and one look at the instruments played and titles of tracks on this LP made it an irresistible choice – I purchased the import immediately – and was overly-thrilled with the sounds I heard.

Fragments of Light:
1. Fragments of light (3:20)
2. Nuclear war in your brain (3:35)
3. Music in painting in the air (4:15)
4. Windopax and the stone sender (2:25)
5. Space energy age (3:45)
6. Metafel + Mefalac (1:30)
7. Space closure (6:25)
8. Music without gravity (2:10)
9. Do you love me? (2:50)
10. Life beyond the darkness (3:30)
11. Telepathic children (3:35)

Be prepared for an experience that seems to come from another level of existence, from the Twilight Zone, from a supernatural environment that transports you to a strange but beautiful place where your imagination is allowed to flow freely.
There are no real precedents of this type of music other than the album “Universal Avenue” by Double Fantasy released ten years later in ’86  (see previous post of 9-25-12).

Their follow-up LP, “Portable Madness” continued the vibe, but “Fragments of Light” really hit a level of music that was literally like taking a psychedelic drug in that it altered your perception and opened you to a whole new level and environment and feeling just from hearing the songs.  Quite an accomplishment!

Get a fix – Sensations’ Fix!


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