ODYSSEY . . . . . . 1975 . . . . . TERJE PYPDAL


Riding right up there at the top o’ the ‘GLIDE is this monumental double album of sublime sounds by Terje Rypdal – totally awesome.

Consider this music Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis channeling through John McLaughlin on heroin at some outer space late night totally hip club on the fringes of ethereal madness and electronic bliss – with a ton o’ heavy blues, a dose of Tangerine Dream and woozy cool laid-back jazz that Rolls with the Spirit of righteous Rock!  Got that? Now imagine that music stretched-out into long, languorous musical masterpieces of ten to twenty minutes each and you have the essence of Terje Rypdal’s “Odyssey”.

Smack in the middle of a decade in transition from classic Rock to the stirrings of electronica and true jazz-fusion; “Oydssey”, by Norwegian guitarist and composer Terje Rydal, introduces a totally unique sound of music that is at once powerful yet melancholy to the point of mesmerizing and hypnotic.

Perfectly composed to lend to soundtrack scores and used by Michael Mann in his De Niro/Pacino “Heat” film; Rypdal creates surreal Psychedelectraglide landscapes of pure adrenaline and Quaaludes.

As always I try and get as many links as possible, so if some get “banned” please sample what’s available as there is nothing this man has laid down that’s not worthy of repeated listenings!

“ODYSSEY” – All compositions by Terje Rypdal:
  1. “Darkness Falls” – 3:33
  2. Midnite” – 16:45
  3. Adagio” – 13:16
  4. Better Off Without You” – 7:37
  5. “Over Birkerot” – 4:48
  6. “Fare Well” – 11:25
  7. Ballade” – 5:55
  8. Rolling Stone” part 1 – 23:54
    Rolling Stone”-  part 2
  9. Rolling Stone” – part 3


  • Terje Rypdal — guitar, synthesizer, soprano saxophone
  • Brynjulf Blix — organ
  • Torbjørn Sunde — trombone
  • Sveinung Hovensjø — electric bass
  • Svein Christiansen — drums