Psychedelectraglide indeed! In 1971, with this album, “Gandharva”, Paul Beaver & Bernard Krause literally created the Ambient and New Age genres and were early leaders in electronic jazz – simultaneously!
Truly a landmark LP that virtually slipped under the radar at the time, (but not by 00individual) this iconic album is now recognized for its incredible visionary style that spawned highly-successful genres for musicians in the decades to come.

Side One: Beaver’s moog and style influence on the “Performance” soundtrack is evident with “Nine Moons in Alaska” and Walkin’.
1             Soft / White                                    0:52
2             Saga Of The Blue Beaver              4:19
3             Nine Moons In Alaska                    3:04
4             Walkin’                                             2:42
5             Walkin’ By The River                      2:39

Side Two: Recorded at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, February 10-11, 1971 is their “soundtrack to a non-existent film” – only this rich sound easily demands images that become a film in your mind.
1             Gandharva                                      1:12
2             By Your Grace                                5:13
3             Good Places                                    3:37
4             Short Film For David                      5:23
5             Bright Shadows                             4:53

The talent:
Alto Saxophone, Flute – Bud Shank, Baritone Saxophone – Gerry Mulligan,
Bass – Ray Brown, Rod Ellicott, Drums – George Marsh, Lee Charlton
Engineer – Ed Peterson, John Payne (5), Phil Edwards, Robert De Sousa,
Robert Orban, Rudy Hill (2), Sol Weiss
Guitar – Howard Roberts, Mike Bloomfield, Rik Elswit, Ronnie Montrose,
Harp – Gail Laughton, Mixed By – Robert Orban,
Piano – LaMont Johnson (2), Mike Lang,
Producer – Bernard L. Krause*, Paul Beaver,
Synthesizer [Moog] – Bernard L. Krause*,
Synthesizer [Moog], Organ [Hammond, Pipe] – Paul Beaver
Voice – Bernard L. Krause*, Bill King (2), Edna Wright, Evangeline Carmichael, Lewis Morford, Ron Lee Hicklin*, Vanetta Fields*
Voice [Lead] – Clydie King, Patrice Holloway

Many a dreamy evening was further mystified by the sounds of side two of “Gandharva”. The smokey wisps of weed and hash intertwined with Gerry Mulligan’s sax filled the room and spilled-out into the ethers for everyone to enjoy.  Spiritually Cool Shit!

Ironically, in a synchronistic juxtapositionary aspect, the counter to this “Psychedelectraglide” Blue Pill site is that the Red Pill site’s first post is a soundtrack review that also shares the spirit of electro-funk sublime which proves to have transcended both ways in the early ‘70s!

To fully appreciate the true quality of this recording; analog vinyl is highly recommended.  –  00individual